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I was trying to write this as a thread in my twitter, but I was using a shitty computer that didn't let me do it. So fuck hell, I'm posting this here.

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I ever felt frustrated in how americans ignore Chapulin Colorado, but I can see why they do. I like american super-heroes a lot, I have a good number of Marvel and DC comics. But the best and most important latin-american super-hero is Chapolin Colorado (how we call him in Brasil).

A latin-american super-hero can't be serious, Superman couldn't exist here. Just dictatorships were left to us - the idea of a man with super powers is not a good omen to us, we know they are not bringing the solutions.

Superman sounds much more funny to us than the Bolaños' jokes. There is even a Superman lookalike character in the series, his name is Super Sam, a silly guy ever holding bags of money. We love Chapolin because he is full of a very welcome experienced niilism.

Brazilians in special are obsessed with him, in a way I can't use a shirt with his symbol in public, because everyone will stop me to say how they love the character.

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